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We’ve explained before why content marketing is a natural fit for some industries and businesses. It’s seen as more authentic than many other marketing methods, and can have huge benefits for your ranking in search engines, too. But let’s take a look at how producing content can benefit a clothing or fashion store specifically.

Fashion is one of the most popular topics for bloggers to write about. A high number of individuals use their blogs to share fashion tips, ideas for outfits, makeup tutorials, and other relevant topics.

The reason this industry is so popular among bloggers is because the audience is enormous. And both readers and bloggers themselves are always looking for new sources of inspiration. That’s where you come in: your brand’s blog can be a new source of inspiration,

With that inspiration comes an affinity toward your business for making helpful recommendations or educating fellow fashion enthusiasts. As you gain the trust of your readers, they’ll be more likely to feel comfortable buying the products you suggest (that is, you own) or engaging with you online.

Reaping the benefits of eCommerce content isn’t as simple as writing a few hundred words and linking to a product page or two. The best blogs, whether they’re attached to an online store or a solo venture, produce content that is unique, helpful, educational, and in-depth.

This means no basic posts you can find anywhere else or would roll your own eyes at. You should aim to produce content that your visitors (and potential customers) have a genuine need for, either to improve their lives or simply to enjoy.

An example: “Why Wear Eye Makeup?” is a pretty boring topic, and it probably won’t sell anyone on mascara or eyeliner. But “15 New Ways to Wear Eye Makeup” sounds interesting, promises the reader and opportunity for learning, and presumably goes in-depth on a specific topic. See the difference?

If you’re writing about topics relevant to your business, it will probably feel natural to recommend your own products or services over the course of a blog post. This isn’t something you should necessarily do frequently, but making reference to what you have to offer usually isn’t unexpected.

The key is to strike a careful balance between pushing your products too hard and recommending them because they fit the needs of your readers. If you’re talking about new nail polish colors for fall and you’ve got one of those beautiful shades, bring it up! But don’t turn what should be a post about color trends into a full-fledged sales pitch.

Consistency is a must. It’s better to post once every week than eight times at the start of the month, then never again. Search engines also slightly favor websites with freshly updated content, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Quality is crucial. Even if you have no choice but to outsource your posts or hire a copywriter, remember that this blog is a reflection of the brand you’ve worked hard to build. Don’t settle for poor quality just to get something posted.

Promote your posts! Once your posts are published, remember to include them in posts on social media, in your emails, and so on. Readers won’t just show up automatically — it takes work to get them to you, whether they’re existing customers or brand new readers.

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